Slit Video System

Slit Video System

  • 2200HD Pro. / 5000HD Pro. / 10000HD Pro.

Developed with SEIKO's State-of-the Art Technology


1. PC Network to Share Picture Data (Option)

A computer network can be formed as an option by hooking up two or more computers to the Slit video system to share the picture data among them.
As a result, it is possible to check the finish order of the previous race and judge that of the current one at the same time.
In another use of the network, using one computer exclusively for capturing races and the other for judging finish order will reduce the burden of the photo finish judge.

2. Photo Beam Function

The Slit video system can serve the function of a photo beam unit. By using the System with a sports timer ST-306 (available as an option), the winner's finish time can be output and displayed as soon as the runner has crossed the finish line.

3. Capturing During Judgement Work

Before the finish order judgment of the current race is completed, a new race can be started and capturing can be made.

4. Auto-Crop Function

The blank space among the runners, which is irrelevant to the finish order judgment, is cut off automatically.
This function will facilitate the judgment process as well as slim down the size of the data to be stored in the hard disk.

5. Manual Deletion Function

A part of the picture taken can be deleted selectively. In long distance track races, for example, deleting runners one or more laps behind those finishing the race can prevent confusion in judging the finish order.

6. Failsafe against Accidental Timer Reset

Even if the timer is reset accidentally during an event,normal timekeeping can be resumed using the measurements preserved in memory.

7. Name Display Only by Inputting Bib No.

During the finish order judgment work, the name of the runner is displayed on the monitor screen only by inputting the pre-registered bib No. Resulted finish order on the screen can also be printed out.

8. Automatic Capturing

The camera monitors the finish line all the time, automatically recognizing and capturing the runners who crossed it. This function can eliminate mistakes in operation. Manual capturing using a grip switch is also possible.

9. Remote Control of Camera's Iris

When the camera's iris needs to be adjusted urgently, in case of sudden change in the weather, for example, it can be remote controlled by the capturing PC.

10. Easy Event Registration

Once the lists of event names are prepared, the registration of those names for a particular meet can be made easily by clicking them on the display. Addition of new event names can be made easily through the keyboard.

11. Gamma Compensation Function

Gamma compensation can be carried out easily after photographing. Pictures taken in bad weather, against the sun or in an ill-lit stadium can be reproduced into distinct ones on the monitor display to facilitate the judgment process.

The mechanism of the slit video system

・Pictures taken by the Slit video system

The Slit Video system takes a digital video through a slit installed in line with the finish line at a rate of 2,000 pictures per second (when the scanning speed is set at 0.5 msec/line).
Each picture obtained covers an ultrathin vertical line which is approximately 1cm in width and 15m in length.

・Picture shown on the monitor screen of PC

The pictures are patched together in order of the time when they were taken, and then the picture at right will be shown on the PC screen.
In the finish order judgment procedure, the finish time and order will be displayed only by aligning the judgment line with the runner's torso and pressing the enter key.


Scannig Speed

【2200HD Pro.】1/2,000 sec.
【5000HD Pro.】1/5,000 sec.
【10000HD Pro.】1/10,000 sec.

Image pickup system

Vertical scanning by CCD line sensor


Nikon F-mount lens

Power supply

AC100V~240V ±10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Judgment/capturing PC


【2200HD Pro.】1.60GHz or more
【5000HD Pro./10000HD Pro.】3.0GHz or more


【2200HD Pro.】80GB 5,400rpm or more
【5000HD Pro./10000HD Pro.】160GB 5,400rpm or more

Removable disk device

【2200HD Pro.】CD-RW
【5000HD Pro./10000HD Pro.】DVD-RW

Monitor output

1,024×768 pixels, 64,000 colors or more

Image memory

【2200HD Pro.】20,000 screens
【5000HD Pro】8,000 screens
【10000HD Pro.】4,000 screens

Continuous scanning

666 minites.
(at scanning speed 1/1,000 sec.)
in case of HDD 80GB or more

I/O port

Serial port, USB2.0-compliant four-terminal,
RJ45 Ethernet port

Event registration

Choice from word bank or free keyboard input

Timer accuracy

1ppm(at normal temperatures)

Scale of image

【zoom in】 2、4、8、16、32 times or more
【zoom out】1/2、1/4、1/8、1/16、1/32 times or less
*arbitrarily-setting is available.



Monitor size

15 inches or more

Power supply

AC100V~240V ±10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption

【2200HD Pro.】200~400W
【5000HD Pro./10000HD Pro.】550W(max.)

Color printer

Printing system

MACH jet

Full resolution

2,880×1,440dpi or more

Paper size


Power supply

AC100V~240V ±10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption


System configuration





Pan head


Connector box


Grip switch for capturing


Network cable


Camera control cable


AC cable for camera


Uniterrupted power supply(for capturing PC)





Capturing PC

Judgment PC

Color printer

Indoor camera stand

Outdoor camera stand(including pole)

Rain hood for camera

Data printer


Carrying case(for camara and cables)

VDSL converter(for inside camera)

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