Solar-Powered Clock Controller

Solar-Powered Controller (Quartz)

  • QP-4001
駆動器 ソーラー式

This unit is a clock drive for the outdoor by which a having 30 seconds signal is output. This unit can drive 1-2 clocks to ø500-ø700.

Time accuracy

Average monthly rate: 3sec (+5℃~+35℃)

Secondary clock output

Number of circuits : 2 ch
Signal form :
30-sec polarized signal: DC 3.6 V, pulse width of 250 ms
Output capacity : DC 3.6 V, 60 mA/channel

Solar panel

Installation condition :
At a place where solar panel is exposed to the sunlight for at least four hours a day (10:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM)

Built-in battery

Ni-cd battery(3.6V 1200mAh)

Time setting

Key operation

Operational temperature range

-20℃ ~+60℃

External synchronization

Clock driver is regularly corrected according to a having 30 second
signal from the external master clock.
Once a day (AM1:00 correction)
DC3~30V 1.3mA(at3.6V) 12mA(at24V)
Correction accuracy less than ±100ms

Summer time

Reservation at the day before which depends on key operation.

Digital fast and slow adjustment

Function to raise clock accuracy by repeating match of 0 accurate seconds by manual operation.

Outer dimensions

W110 × H211 x D77 mm


Approx. 530 g

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